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Some Concepts in Contemporary Art

The public has always had some interest in art. Today’s media quite often does a superficial reading in the art world – probably more just to attract readers/viewers. There is so little understanding in the culture today about contemporary art that it leaves interested people somewhat isolated. The public funding for arts education has been cut – and with it so has any communication or appreciation of contemporary art in the public schools.To find out more about contemporary art you can read articles on the topic in various places. I hope you will read some of them at Contemporary Art Gallery Magazine. CAG has several fine writers working on basic education of people to contemporary art, as well clearing up some of the more controversial questions on contemporary, and even some articles on esthetics and artists’ interviews.Some of the better articles were written by Arthur Browning, Daniel Ferris, and Allan Swinson at CAG. These writers have taken on some topical assignments that should be of interest to you. Arthur Browning is focused on contemporary art collecting and art business. Daniel Ferris is concerned with the future of
art and artificial intelligence in esthetics. Allan Swinson has written on art history, art and technology, art and cultures. As far as types of contemporary art that they are interested in, each of these writers has focused on some media more than others. Allan Swinson is interested in prints, collage and constructions. Daniel Ferris is interested in sculpture and photography. Arthur Browning has interests in painting,
especially abstract and nonobjective.Another newer writer of some note is Giselle Borzov. Specializing in art business and art criticism, Giselle Borzov also critiques artists’ works. In this way she could be considered an artist consultant or career coach. Giselle Borzov is a freelance writer, she has the Art Now blog and does public relations work for small and medium-sized gallery businesses – private and corporate.Artists can be reviewed by these writers and receive some attention in the media, especially on the internet. For artists or collectors who want opinion on marketing, buying and selling art, you should talk to Giselle Borzov. For the contemporary art -interested public the articles of any of these four authors is of value. Daniel Ferris has a blog at “It’s Only Art?” in addition to his writing a t CAG, Arthur Browning and Allan Swinson write for CAG, Giselle writes for Art Now and under pen names for other art publications online and in print.